Overage. Series of photographs

They say, this is not incongruous. To my taste is quite pleasant, though. Such colors are spread in organic environment. Wrapped in raisin elegance with the brand new thirst. Cannot afford. Still late to early pretentiousness. Wandering around that bleached, remember it in purple juice! Streamed away for fertilization of new ethereal sprouts. No expectations, ripening by touch, the gazes are vanishing. As if in jest, with bare steps on serene day, the plisse folds flutter. Hardly touching the paving strewn with pollen, scarf flows after the emerald lisps. Whatever unknown bites have turned into forgetful with a bloom of fragile amethyst. Where did he get that disgusting chocolate jumper? Should be silver now. Fragrant apparel weaved from lacy peonies with strew of spice of smiles haggard with confuse. This scent has no age. Put it on and wear the whole day. Everyday. All year round.