(Not) Supposed to be Touched

Human hair, wire, pearls, 20x13x9 cm, 2019

Nice to meet you! We gladly shake our hands and use a number of greeting gestures. Somehow hair became a taboo subject in the Western societies. From dress code restrictions, marginal connotations, shaving ethics to unspoken prohibition to touch hair of individuals who are not our family members. Numerous religious traditions are built on the coverage and cuts of the hair all over the planet, and can be traced down to the tribal times! What is so intimate and mystical about the organic matter that is a part of the human? It is time for reconsideration of the innocent element of our bodies and its role. That is how we start to rethink our behavior and bring awareness for the positive changes, not dragging presuppositions from the past that separate us and predetermine our actions. The work was exhibited in Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (Dresden, Germany) in March, 2019