Ladamir Utin

Ladamir Utin. Analogue collage series, various sizes up to 15×20 cm

Russia is a great country! A fairy land! Its inhabitants feature inherent spiritual and physical strength, but there are also bogatyrs among them! Traditionally, one can recall only three bogatyrs, but there is the fourth! Few people dare to discuss him, as he is mighty and authoritative!

Ladamir Utin! The hero is sagacious and brave, assumes a likeness of many appearances and has become a part of the folklore long time ago.

Travelling across the chapters of history, he keeps a sharp eye on evil spirits, flies like an eagle and detects deviltry from far off! Big-hearted and benignant, he is like a father for his countrymen! All wealth is in his possession, while the animal kingdom army stands up for him!

Meet and admire!