Fairness. Photo series.

The series “Fairness” was inspired by the amount of packaging which comes with every purchase. A pile of plastic, which is left after preparing a meal, screams the issue of sustainability.

The essential bond of the man and nature is the basis of Ikebana. Ikebana recreates nature on a reduced scale through the arrangement of plant material gathered from gardens, rivers, and valleys. Nature is thus close to us to learn of its essence. Today we polluted our “garden” to the degree that along with the flowers in the meadow, one can pick up a used coffee cup lid. The technical progress benefits humans in numerous aspects but comes along with the substantial anthropogenic effect, which highly depends on our behaviour.

The spiritual art of Ikebana is built on three elements: heaven (“ten”), earth (“chi”) and humanity (“jin”). Instead of heaven, the series deals with moral aspect, which interacts with the other two elements – human and nature. The elements are brought together with different degree of dominance as our coexistence with nature.

The series does not answer the question which of these forces prevail.