Couples. Compatibility. Connection

Couples. Compatibility. Connection. Series of photographs.

The project doesn’t require any descriptive text. The characters are based on real persons and any resemblance is not coincidental.

Despite belonging to the same biologic species, the diversity of people is countless, and each new human unit is unique. Inevitable call of natural needs makes a person to look for a partner. The choice can be pragmatic, it can be based both on physical or emotional needs. If we set aside mercenary motivation, fear of being alone, reproductive instinct and dictate of social norms, it is interesting to study the following issue: whether we are attracted by persons having opposite nature, who have personal qualities that we don’t have, or the choice is determined by a desire of unity with the same-type partners?

Initially, voluntary and equitable relationships between partners, which require psychological and biological interaction, are aimed at harmony and wellbeing. However, distinctive nature of partners and dissatisfaction can have a destructive impact and lead to conflicts, frustration, oppression of the partner, pressure and violence.

Search for balance and compromise to repair the relations. Is there a certain level of compatibility and matching that predetermines the viability of relationships? Subjectivity, consciousness, rationality, and susceptibility to chemical processes in the body – what keeps the partners from break? Irritation, boredom, oppression of a partner…Attempts to find harmony and live together amicably are not always successful and can lead to frustration. What attracts people to each other, what holds them together ties to each other?