Over the years I worked intuitively and built a diverse practice where I reflect on a range of topics through various media.

Graphic works are dedicated to the issues of identity and visualization of emotions. The recurring motive is a human face, often distorted and grotesque, and aims to depict the internal struggles.

Collage technique helps me to comment on social issues such as inequality, violence, and social constructs, to juxtapose nature and human actions. I see collage as a way to recycle abandoned visuals and, at the same time, express the notion of how our world is an invented bubble, inside which we have even more different subjective opinions.

Mixed media works find their inspiration in discarded materials and daily objects. Working with paper and using photography, I reflect on how we see ourselves in things and how our things reflect us.

I focus on the clash between nature and culture, our technology progress and its effect on nature. How we are changing when the nature hits us back. How consumption and pollution are the part of our daily meal preparation.

The charm, simplicity and familiarity of daily objects is appealing to me. They constitute our reality and are our close surrounding. We know them well to the degree that we stop noticing them. I enjoy how ordinary objects contain and transmit the information. We use them as language, pictograms and emojis. There is so much irony how they appear to us in a various and often surprising arrangements. Regular household items became a part of pop culture and symbolize mass production. I transform them into heroes of my staged photography works and paper sculptures, which are the result of playing with materials, and its combinations in unusual way.

The absurdity of unexpected interactions, mixed contexts, intervened cultures and symbols – all the above constitutes our daily moments overflooded with images. I reconstruct these surreal dialogues and out of place moments. I find them captivating, powerful and oddly pleasing. What I create is the frozen moment of that absurdity.

Based in Dresden. Member of K√ľnstlerbund Dresden, IAPMA and YouArtBeat Berlin.