Xmas and collage spirit from the greatest artists


Every year I create something special for the Xmas season. I definitely cannot pass by this global madness, because nowadays it is not so much about the celebration, but consumerism and polictics. Either way, I took the chance to express my opinion (the work is in progress), but also got curious what was done in the last century. Evidently, lots of ideas and techniques came from the photomontage and Xerox era. Not to reinvent the bicycles and, heaven forfend, to replicate 100 year old juxtapositions, I recommend digging the past thoroughly. Also, if you want to steal the idea, – do it professionally and from masters! 

Anyway, advent season is here and my subjective tasteful selection is also here to please your eyes! Apparently, it was not that easy to find Xmas spirit in the works of mighty artists as I thought, at least without proper library search. Most of the pieces are not collages per se, rather incarnations of the modern printing technology, illustrations or simply the mix. 

Mather Work contributed in 1920s to the happiness of blue collars with his kind motivational posters: 


Old good Andy gladdened us with innocent offset and lithography pieces: 


Magnificent Robert Rauschenberg created the piece Christmas in 1977 with a white horse, which was a symbol of the following year, apart from it nothing really signifies the holiday: 


Desperately wanted to include Joseph Cornell, an assemblage genius, but found in his Eden gardens only this Snow Maiden: 

And for the pre-dessert – marvelous Hanna Höch, basically the mother of collage as we know it, and her piece “Neujahrgruß mit Balsamine” (1978):

Creme de lá creme – O Christmas tree in German Soil, how bent are thy branches! (1934) by John Heartfield. What kind of celebration is without mentioning Nazis? Well, no one personally, but the regime, which took over Christian relics. Bow to the photomontage pro, who loaded art gun and created the first “activist“ works:


Happy December to all – explore and express! 

Pre-festive Lita

Sources: http://www.artnet.com/

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