Let’s have a queer affair!


After several experiments in visual poetry and mixed media I’d like to focus on the topic, which was always appealing to me – equality. The ultimate task is of course to make an impact and raise the awareness of the problem. But I’m not going to protest for or against specific social groups, rights of the immigrants or creatures I find particularly yummy. As a cook of knowledge I am going to work on an intricate dish: a mixture of identity and consumption, served under sexuality sauce. As usual, I found food a perfect metaphor for the illustration of body consumption, which is connected to the discrimination and power of course. Not trying to be political here, but every dish has a political smack. I’m straight (btw sapiosexual too), but do feel the need to speak up for LGBT community and the demand for the visual queer content. In my opinion there is a lack of representative content, which is descriptive enough to show that in the end we are flesh and blood, interactive substances sharing the common environment. I promise to be as graphic as possible and create a proper mess!

Now, a bit of generous gender generalizations. We live in a progressive time! At least it is more progressive in comparison to the past, despite we might be more lost and confused. I know plenty of people who are suffering from frustration and inability to define themselves and their mission here (whatever space I mean). How do we identify ourselves? Being a product of society we are formed by it, before we can shuffle our mindset and rebuilt our identity. Before the influence of nationality, traditions and customs, gender comes first. Especially for someone who is not accepted because of it. Gender becomes the statement, the core of identity and not only one of the characteristics of a person. I’m not going to mess with definitions and support the division between people (like Facebook did when it offered a choice of 71 genders for the users), my task is to illustrate the diversity and its legitimacy.

I told before that I was about to start working on a series dedicated to equality – why the hell I’m talking about gender? Hope it is already clear. The last inspiration drop was a performance by PINK MON€Y (Antje Schupp, Kieron Jina, Mbali Mdluli, and Annalyzer), which explicitly showed how “not progressive” is the major part of the planet population. Greed, violence and ignorance are flourishing all over the place instead of tolerance, respect and acceptance. I picked up the line from their performance that catalyzed the idea of a new collage series: ”Humanity beyond identity”. Do not expect me to fall into the trap of talking about normality here – we are all deeply sick, just need balls or boobs or cheeks to admit it and use in our favor. Anyway, no matter who you identifying yourself with – try to be a human.




For the record: I’m “they” on Facebook and I base my identity on my religion – art and being an artist.




Head image: my Gay Rainbow collage piece

Inside: my, still appropriate, collages with food 

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