LITA (Life Is Torturing Awesome) stands for controversial and vibrant expressiveness.


Being a visual artist, LITA conceptualizes generously, consumes respectfully, digests constantly, transforms vividly! Her practice evolved from traumatic experiences and a feminist approach. After abandoning ideologies, she turned to social constructionism and cognitive psychology in order to separate herself from the mass culture paradigm.


Using anthropological, philosophical and psychological approaches, and collage and painting as her mediums, LITA reviews standard and conventional ideas. She builds her practice on interconnected phenomena: conceptualization of the common matter of being, consumption, digestion and transformation.


Considering conceptualization as a natural way of comprehension, constant mental and physical consumption, inevitable digestion and, as its result, transformation, she visualizes these processes in graphic works.


Based on the fact that all living organisms consist of the same set of chemical elements, LITA approaches equally both animate and inanimate life forms. Literally, humans have relatives from vegetable kingdom – say hi to your strawberry sibling!


Keeping in mind the biological nature of human LITA refers to the mental constructions that shape daily life. She examines mental constructs, stereotypes and other inventions from an epistemological point of view as minds are ‘infected’ with concepts, which are perceived as natural, and often used as speculative tools by powerful authorities or commercialized. LITA’s research leads to experiments in visual poetry and dissection of norms: visual art that recycles mass media images and printed conventional cadavers. Looking into gender inequity issues, the artist provides an alternative view on the bodily givenness that is regulated by the society. Designing multi-gender creatures, mediating to reveal the normative, the uniform and the shallow, she sets her collage practice to transform mass media culture into awareness.


Physicality is her main focus in painting and mixed media works. Her distortive paintings and graphics bear traces of sticky encounters. Explicit artworks have an accent on pain and suffering, which are inevitably encrypted in the cycles of life and caused by flesh (as in an aging body) and social interactions. Using edible substances as a metaphor, LITA experiments with natural inks and portrays vulnerability over looks polished by frameworks and assigned societal ‘masks’. A semi-abstract dialogue, which cannot be verbally translated, takes place and lusciously penetrates the viewer turning into bitterness. It is time to digest. Through a vibrant palette she entices the viewer to the surface; then the trap reveals itself – full of disgusting disfiguration.


Lita aims to broaden perspectives by speaking out for the significance of non-commercial values and questioning the artificial nature of social constructs. Depicting fragility of human nature and discomfort that one regularly enters, she reflects on the finding of a therapeutic exit and shows the deformative normalcy of pain.


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