Day zero 


Suddenly (which apparently is a title of a cheap shitty perfume) I woke up, somewhere between “it is not noon yet” and “I can hear how office plankton is burning their keyboards”, and found myself being one of my fav book characters, except he is a man. Dressed in lingerie and a wool mantle I went out for a coffee not knowing which day it is. Working on a weekdays and weekends without prescribed schedule any time of the day. The one who is growing on his own, struggles to be an exceptional pro beating the self. Every time I start the new work I aim to amuse myself, to create the piece I never saw before. 


Day zero. It is always not even “day 1”, cuz we are constantly todaying. Furthermore, in art one always starts from the big nothing. Not being attached to the system like a polyp or a screw artists are seen either as parasites of the system or amiable geniuses. Money beggars or outstanding creators, who move the society forward. No balance and no surprise. There are questions which can be answered only – “that’s how it is historically”. Whatever, I live in my own age, where I was randomly placed. 


Here are the few examples of the “situation”. I constantly get the letters from well-wishers, who want to promote and sell me. As you can see, the offers are not really down-to-earth adequate. What I cannot get is how these people think I can afford buying visibility (which is nowadays currency itself). Of course it is abyss-vaginal business and no one cares where the clients come from. 





What I want to say is that the anger, which arises from this attitude, can be turned into a motivation force. An artist will never be able to win the battle with the capitalistic system, because he, she or they lost a priori. Stating that you are an artist automatically means that you are on your own. You are also your own secretary, manager, curator and editor. And yes, you live between deadlines. 


There is a thought from one webinar (by the person, who is not even worth to mention) – create high quality content. The host never elaborated on what it actually is, just speculated on how one can attract the audience in order to charge them for ads or sell ebooks. Well, gallery Lumas (37 galleries around the globe) shamelessly states that you should the best of the best and then they will find you. Good luck, bro! Pro, I meant. 




Pics: one of my visual poetry pieces, crazy offers from the universe.


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