Cooking process


As I mentioned before I work in a technique of analogue collage. Digital pieces definitely have their charm and the toolbox is fancy, but it is much harder for me to express my ideas in a digital form (I do that nonetheless). The cut out glossy image speaks to me much louder; even if I leave my fingerprints on it and struggle with the scanning and editing the piece afterwards.





Every stage takes shit load of time. But first – selection of the material! As a fanatic hunter I’m constantly searching for the pray, categorize the images and keep an archive. The search includes robbing the flea markets and antique shops (in fact they rob me instead) and hours of browsing through the magazines I have, leaf by leaf. For my inappropriate meal I usually use the most common images, of course sometimes I lack porn bits, but normally I do not need the dirty scraps. Actually, I am the one, who is transforming innocent dandelions into sassy bouquets. I guess it is the core of the collage and it is crucial to develop the special vision. The meal has to be balanced, but foremost not savorless. The spicy part comes from the combination of decorativeness and disgust, but that’s already another story.


The heading image shows how many pieces I still have to cut for my new project and the other one is from a pre-selection.



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